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Available  Blackboard training

Attaching a file to an e-mail  in Blackboard

Click on the Add Attachments button at the bottom of the email and click My Computer icon and select the file to be attached.

Quiz reset in Blackboard

Contact your professor to let them know there was a problem and to discuss resetting the quiz.

Finding a grade on Blackboard

  • Click Tools then My Grades to see your marks.
  • Click on each course individually on Blackboard and click My Grades on the course menu
  • Check the Report Card Module to see any listed grade on your Blackboard

Printing documents from Blackboard

  1. Save the document to your computer or USB drive, and then print it. This is the same for one page or multiple pages.
  2. If you print directly from your Blackboard page, only the page frame will be printed and not the document content.

Blackboard e-mail reply

E-mails sent to Blackboard support (, will be responded to within 24 hours, during business hours, Monday to Friday.