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Prior to making the decision to withdraw from a program it is best to consult with your program coordinator as there may be other alternatives to withdrawing ie. reducing course load, transferring to another program, peer tutoring, financial assistance etc.  Contact your academic department directly to set up a time to meet with them for advising.

Students who are considering to withdraw from the program or semester, must withdraw online or submit a written request to the Registration department within the established deadlines for the semester in order to receive a partial refund and/or not be subject to academic penalty (failing grades).  Any withdrawal after day 10 of the semester, students will not be eligible for a tuition refund and must still pay any outstanding balances owed to the college. 

Students can withdraw from a program via the web by logging online to STU-VIEW or submit request in writing to Withdrawal from semester one of any program will need to re-apply through OCAS if the student wishes to return to the college in the same program or new program.

Withdrawal from a program will impact a student’s Loan (OSAP), student Visa, student residence and re-admission. It is highly recommended that students consult with the various applicable departments to be sure that they have accurate information about options and implications.   


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